Body of Earth Sessions

The path of this work dives into the depths of your soul, your physical and energetic bodies as instruments of perception and communionyour relationship to matter, to the land you are on, and to the web of life. 

Our work together will focus on cultivating deeper realisation of your connectedness with the natural world, nourishing your personal spiritual  practice and exploring how you can authentically come into relationship with more of the life that surrounds you. 


Who is this for?

This work is for those who are drawn to working with the mysteries of this earth, who wish to authentically deepen into their personal spiritual practice of relating to the beings that surround us and learn to live in greater alignment with the forces of nature. 

This is for those who long for a container of genuine exploration and inquiry and wish to hone their intuitive skills, increase their self-knowledge and their capacity to commune with vital intelligences and forces. 

Our path will include work with ritual, energy work, sexuality, trance, magic, body literacy, cyclical living, movement, and plant allies in a discerning and empowered way and in a personalised structure in alignment with the seasons and the wheel of the year. 

This is path is one of  direct experience, 

if we choose to keep things on an intellectual, conceptual, mental level we won’t be able to drop in to the depth and mystery that is waiting for us. 

This is a step that not everyone is ready for, as when we approach what is truly unknown and even unknowable, we are approaching a threshold of true revelation and transformation into new ways of seeing and being in our lives.

“Those who are able to know the truth by direct perception do not need to be informed of it by others, 

the whole of the visible and invisible realm lies open before them, like a book in whose pages they may read the whole history of the world.” 

— Franz Hartmann 

Our work together

It is a real honour to offer this work to you. I hold great respect for this path of remembering our belonging to the earth and reverence for the feminine mysteries, and I know that through this work we make possible all of our healing. 

This path is all of ours to walk at this time, whatever way we choose to approach it.

This work will unravel more of your unique voice and ways of perceiving and connecting through your own direct work and practice, so that you can be deeply anchored in your own alignment and authority. 

I am in service to you in cultivating deeper trust in your intuition and knowing while developing discernment and clarity. 


In collaboration we will design a personalised structure for you that may include: journeys for visioning and insight, either in your surroundings or in your inner worlds; practices to anchor the relationships you form and realisations you have into your daily life; as well as rituals for any areas where you seek guidance, support, deeper connection and growth. 

In these sessions I will be there with you in your exploration, in witnessing and connection with you as you deepen into your journey.  

I am there to deeply listen to you, offer reflection, and support you to integrate your experiences.

I create handmade botanicals for healing and ritual use which may form a part of your journey, depending on our agreement, and what is most important for you.

I am also available to offer my expertise in any area that is relevant: herbalism, bodywork and the nervous system, energy work, animism, magic.

“Here, on this little ranch under the Rocky Mountains, 

a big pine tree rises like a guardian spirit in front of the cabin where we live . . . 

I have become conscious of the tree, and of its interpenetration into my life. . . .

I am conscious that it helps to change me, vitally. . . .


Of course, if I like to cut myself off, and say it is all bunk, a tree is merely so much lumber not yet sawn, then in a great measure I shall be cut off.

So much depends on one’s attitude. One can shut many, many doors of receptivity in oneself; or one can open many doors that are shut.

I prefer to open my doors to the coming of the tree. Its raw earth-power and its raw sky-power,

its resinous erectness and resistance, its sharpness of hissing needles and relentlessness of roots, all that goes to the primitive savageness of a pine tree, goes also to the strength of man.

Give me of your power, then, oh tree! And I will give you of mine.”

-D.H. Lawrence 


I offer sessions online and in person. In person sessions take place in Eberswalde, Germany. 

For more information or if you have questions, please contact me directly.


1 month 

We will journey together for approx. one month to explore a particular theme or aspect of your development, working intensively with plant allies and natural intelligences, seasonal energies, custom daily practices and ritual.

Includes 3 x 1 hour sessions, tailored practices to assist your discovery, personalised remedies to support your practice* and personal support between sessions. 

Price: 390 euros 

3 months

A deeper and more comprehensive exploration with more time available to journey deeply into these themes and ground your practice into your daily life, working with more of the core themes that surround your relationship to incarnation, embodiment, connection to the earth, and your soul’s journey. 

The trajectory and focus of this path will depend on the intentions and wishes that you bring to this process.

 Includes 7 x 1 hour sessions, tailored practices to assist your discovery, personalised remedies to support your practice* and personal support between sessions. 

Price: 880 euros 

*Postage outside of Germany is an additional cost.