Emerging Radiance: Exploring Limits, Claiming Space, and Igniting Power

June 15-16th, Amsterdam, in collaboration with Markus Schnizer 

Info and registration here 

An immersive & experiential weekend exploring the territory of connected boundaries, claiming space with compassion, embracing expansion and creative fire.

Explorations for this weekend:

  • How can you state your limits powerfully in connection?
  • How does it feel to hold your ground with compassion?
  • Is it possible to trust anger as a wisdom power that can guide you into your life force, clarity and creativity?
  • Can you allow yourself to be seen in what most deeply matters to you? Can you claim your space?
  • Can you give yourself and others the grace to make ‘mistakes’ as you try new ways of expressing your aliveness?
  • Where have you have placed limitations on yourself and others? Where can we allow our aliveness and awareness to expand some of these unnecessary boxes?

Working with body, energy and awareness through touch, embodiment, meditative and connection practice we’ll be supporting ourselves and each other to connect deeper to embodied clarity and to our own unique power.

We’ll work with the power of the pelvis and heart as alternative centres of knowing and clarity and we’ll nurture a space of experimentation, permission, compassion and enjoyment.

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