Hi, I’m Marysia. Welcome to my offerings.

The focus of my work is creating spaces for listening to the inherent wisdom and aliveness of our bodies, and for communion with and reverence for our beloved earth. 

I do this through session work that includes body-based exploration (both in person & hands on as well as online), and mentorship in attuning to connection with natural intelligences and plant teachers and developing our non-linear ways of knowing.

Personal bio 

I come from a Polish family and grew up in London alongside many other cultures and deeply connected to my roots.

My family has always been steeped in tradition and remembrance of the past.

This connection to roots, history and ancestry has led me from a young age to be engaged with deeper questions around why people do what they do, who we are, conflict and polarity, what we are connected to and how we can live meaningful lives connected to something bigger than ourselves. 

In the past, I’ve worked in herbal apothecaries speaking with people about how herbs can serve their health and wellbeing, taught English in London high schools, worked with teenagers with behavioural difficulties, and facilitated spaces to explore honest communication, whole body listening and developing and maintaining presence while in connection with others. 

My experiences working with people in all these contexts and in my own life have continuously led me back to the importance of being anchored in our bodies, and able to listen deeply to their messages and guidance. 

I hold a deep respect and reverence for natural intelligences and the cycles of life and death that we are part of as human beings. I’m passionate about wild foods, herbalism, wild crafting, medicine making, plant spirit work and gardening — and work closely with plants for medicine and magic.

I have explored deeply in multiple traditions and modalities and taken many different paths in my own journey towards healing and in gaining skill and experience as a practitioner. 

The personal journey I have been on has led me to greater acceptance of myself and to healing my body and parts of me that are wounded. 

Through this deep work I have come to trust my intuition and inner wisdom and have found deeper and deeper levels of fulfilment and alignment with myself and my purpose.

I know that through turning towards ourselves and our lives more fully, it is possible to heal, to overcome obstacles, to reconnect to our essential selves and live anchored more deeply in this place.

Modalities, traditions and experience 

Both my hands on and hands off work is informed by my comprehensive training in Holistic Bodywork (a shock & developmental trauma-informed method),Somatic Coaching (Pantarei approach), with additional training in Craniosacral therapy, Core Energetics body psychotherapy (the Life transformation programme), energy healing, bodywork for women’s health (including breast, womb and belly work) pelvic floor bodywork (including internal work), myofascial release, and deep lymphatic work.

I am a certified facilitator in presence-based group work (Circling) and spent several years as a Senior Leader with Europe’s largest Circling training organisation, Circling Europe— training and mentoring leaders and facilitators as well as all levels of practitioners. 

My 8 years experience working in inner London high schools has deeply informed my life and understanding of working with people.

I’m an ongoing student of nature including herbalism, animism, ritual, cyclical living, wild foods and plant spirit medicine.