Our work together includes your whole being. Your physical, emotional, spiritual, relational being are not only welcome, they are essential to a holistic approach to healing and growth.

These are spaces of deep listening, courageous inquiry, allowing life energy and emotion to flow, being seen, and working together to reach your aims and embody more of your fullness. 

These sessions create space for you to connect to the unique wisdom that lies within you and to unwind the patterns that keep you from living deeply anchored in yourself.

My intention is to meet you where you are and to be in service to your growth and healing with integrity, compassion and clarity. 

Why is body-based work so important?

Your body is a gateway to your deeper knowing

Our bodies are deeply wise. So much of the time, when we dare to listen, we find the answers that we were looking for outside of ourselves are already within, waiting to be heard.

These days it is very easy for us to live at a distance from our embodied experience and inner guidance system as a default way of being. We move less, we use screens more, and many of us are disconnected from the roots of our bodies — we pull ourselves up and away from the ground, from our lower centres, sometimes avoiding these parts of ourselves.

Working with our bodies, we get to dive below our reified ideas about who we are and into the truth of our being in the moment, being with what most needs our attention, accessing energy, feeling, aliveness and clarity.


What happens in sessions?

In all kinds of sessions, each session or series begins with a conversation to uncover a potential intention, desire or wish. 

We orient towards these themes while also listening to what is arising in the moment and letting this wisdom inform us, as our work is always an ongoing process of being curious and allowing ourselves to be guided by what is present.

Depending on the kind of work we are doing together we may move into hands on work or somatic, emotional and energetic exploration of the theme that is alive for you.


What does this involve?

We may track and feel emotions, body sensations, movements, impulses and expressions as we explore, dialoguing with tissues, organs, parts and energies to  receive guidance, or to witness and release what needs to be seen and felt. 

We make space for emotions, desires, expressions and experiences, practising flow and turning towards what is there in you and allowing it to move, so that you become more intimate with yourself and at choice with how you respond to your life circumstances. 

Along the way, we may uncover the patterns and beliefs that no longer fit who you are, and we work with these parts with clarity and compassion, orienting towards your stated intentions and desires as a guiding light through the process. 

Themes I often work with in my practice:

  • Intimacy with self: trusting the body and the life impulse more deeply, listening to the deeper messages of emotions and physical symptoms
  • Encouraging flow: unwinding held emotions,  including hands on lymphatic reset and abdominal massage
  • Exploring the themes and energy of our lower centres: connecting to the pelvis, womb work, reclaiming the inner animal
  • Highly sensitive systems: Taking care of high sensitivity; protection and boundaries; grounding and centering; self-regulation. Taking responsibility for the gifts of high perception and openness, burnout and exhaustion
  • Cultivating intuition and discernment
  • Reclaiming lost parts of ourselves: connecting to shadowed and exiled parts and unwinding adaptive survival strategies living in the body and psyche that can obscure our authenticity
  • Leadership and facilitation mentorship
  • Connecting with natural intelligences: communion practices,  ritual,  work with plant teachers. For more details click here.

Session Practicalities: 

I offer sessions online and in person. In person sessions can be booked in Eberswalde, in Berlin or in Amsterdam and London when I travel there (join my mailing list to be updated about session days in these cities).

For more information about sessions or to book a free 30 minute check in call to see if this work is a fit for you, please contact me.