Catnip’s underrated magic

Catnip is massively underated magic. This is by far one of my dearest plants.

Such a helpful ally for overactive brains, whirring thoughts, feelings of dread, anxiety and general being a human in this time of

‘most of my energy is hanging out above my neck, my mammalian body has no idea what to do with all this information and uncertainty, help’

Has been a great great friend to have over these last years.

She’s also bit feral, like a musky mint, if mint was more fun and went for cocktails and smoked roll ups type of thing … (love smoking this plant as well, highly recommend)

Mega resilient, grows back crazy strong… while having super soft leaves, bees adore her but mosquitoes will leave you alone when you’re near her. Perfection 🐝

This isn’t really going anywhere, I’m about to plant some for this year’s garden, and somehow she was knocking on my door all day, perhaps she wants some more attention. Certainly deserves it.