Sacred Heart

Something I have come to understand is that opening the heart is a movement inwards.

To open our hearts we first learn to open them to the inside and back, so that we can learn to rest internally and in the back of our bodies.

This is so contrary to what we often are told, or often assume in a world that emphasises the forward facing.

In order for us to be able to live in the world open-hearted, we must open to ourselves, learn to rest in our own heart, with its wounding, pain, its protections and into the deep well of who we are that we have access to in this place.


I just made a fresh little batch of one of my original blends, Sacred Heart — a spiced heart tonic with a focus on nourishing and warming the heart.

I made this with the intention to bring deep heart nourishment and fortification to those who work with it.

Nourishing, awakening cacao meets the potent heart medicine of hawthorn & rose, the tonic properties of tulsi and the gentle spice & nervous system soothing action of cardamon in this blend.

Hawthorn is a powerful heart restorative and is a potent healer for grief. This is one of our European witching plants, a tree of the faery realms, and marks the boundaries between worlds.

Cacao is deeply nutritive, a potent aphrodisiac that awakens the heart and sacral centres, lifts our mood and increases circulation.

Tulsi adds a powerful nervous system restorative action, uplifting and strengthening to the whole body, and is said to open the crown chakra and the deeper layers of the heart.

Rose guides us deeper into the mysteries of life and our own immortal heart, supporting the healing of any wounding, strengthening blood vessels, supporting softening and relaxation.