Genuinely listening. That’s humbling.

Sit spots…. It really is a powerful thing to cultivate relationships with particular beings, to sit and listen through the seasons in the same spot. This tree is a dear friend and refuge for me, and this spot is a classroom.

One of the biggest lessons that has come to me from this kind of committed relationship is to watch my projections and the level of noise I bring in with me to the spaces that belong to natural intelligences.

The beauty of the same spot is that when I get centered then I see the transferring more clearly.

My body can recognise more of what is constant, what the baseline of ‘me’ feels like and how that’s influenced by the connection. The constant presence of a familiar being helps with this.

I see if I’m scattered and not in my body, or if mental noise is high and cutting off feeling, or if I’m just not really here, or whatever else. I see the parts that are convinced by whatever stories they have needed to keep things functional, till now.

These are subtle dynamics but they often point to patterns that run across every layer of our being.

It’s a slow practice, whole body listening, whole being turning towards what is. Not dismissing communication that isn’t clear or doesn’t make sense to my mind.

Genuinely listening. That’s humbling.

Such magic is found right where we are, and also So Much communication,
many answers.

Or maybe just guiding lights and subtle arrows that say ‘go in, find your centre, in that place you already know what’s being asked of you’.