Venusian cleansing with weeds

Free cleansing drink to explore in the Spring season.

Get some cleavers (Galium aparine), mash them up a bit and put in a jar of cold water overnight. Strain and if you like add some lemon and drink. Feel happy and alive as your blood and lymph thanks you for giving your inner waters some attention.

Do this for a few days each spring, it’s an excellent way to get things moving.

If you’re using this with anything less than a mindset of love towards your body (toxic ‘detox’ culture begone!) then the cleavers might have something to say about it.

This plant is decidedly Venusian and takes none of that punishing puritanical rubbish seriously.

Simply an invitation to flow even more deliciously and let go whats ready to go.


*when harvesting try not to pull the roots out, better to cut or snap the stem.