Prayers Inspired by Pollinators

Oh Mother, Matter, Mata, aliveness and earth,

Allow me to surrender my full being into what I desire

To trust life’s sacred pulse.

Allow me to drink from life, full bodied, full tongued

To bathe in nourishment and drink it through my skin

To roll around in what I love and become covered in it, shamelessly.

Inseparable from the earth that I also am:





all of it

Allow me to crawl into the lap of Gaia and with open arms, legs, throat, say Yes to incarnation.

To release the belief that I’m to arrive at my deathbed whole and unused,

Unwrinkled, unscarred, unstretched and unscathed.

Help me to allow myself be fully used.

Help me to remember that my body is an instrument of Being, of connection,

And to allow the humility of fully receiving in that connection

(none of us deserve anything and yet we get so much).

Help me to allow myself to consume.

To eat fully, hungrily.

And to be consumed:

To be eaten

Fully, hungrily.