Your body is a gateway to your deeper knowing. These sessions are a space to connect to the unique wisdom that already lies within you and to explore and gently unwind the patterns that keep you from living deeply anchored in yourself.

Our bodies are wiser than we often realise. So much of the time, when we dare to listen, we find the answers that we were looking for outside of ourselves are already within us.

Not only does this movement within give us clarity— but each time we make this journey, it helps us to build a map. A personal map of our inner terrain that we then take with us into all aspects of our lives.

Knowing ourselves deeply like this creates the ground for a life of alignment, connection and flow.

What happens in sessions?

In both hands-on and hands-off work, each session begins with a conversation to uncover a potential intention. We orient towards these themes while also listening to what is arising in the moment and letting this wisdom inform us. Our work is always an ongoing process of being curious. 

We uncover the patterns and beliefs that no longer fit who you are, and track and feel emotions, body sensations, movements, impulses and expressions as we explore, so that you become more intimate with yourself and at choice with how you respond to your life circumstances.

Connecting with the body in sessions may include making space and time to:
  • Deepen into your sensations and feelings
  • Become present with what’s going on right now and turn towards it
  • Dialogue with your own tissues (hands off and hands on)— to receive guidance or to release what is held
  • Make space for emotions, desires, expressions and experiences that are harder to be with or stay with alone
  • Notice impulses and explore following them
  • Allow arising and intuitive movement
  • Touch your body or receive touch and hands on work from me (hands on and hands off work will include exploration of the embodied layers of any themes you wish to explore — working on emotional, structural, energetic layers of your being. When we are in person together, this allows me to work directly with your tissues.)

Themes I often work with in my practice (and that I have been initiated into through life experiences and training):

  • Intimacy with self: trusting the body and the life impulse more deeply, listening to the deeper messages of emotions and physical symptoms
  • Encouraging flow: unwinding held emotions,  including hands on lymphatic reset and abdominal massage
  • Resting in the lower body as resource: trusting, exploring, enjoying the energy of the pelvic segment (feet, legs and genitals); reclaiming the inner animal
  • Highly sensitive systems: Taking care of high sensitivity; protection and boundaries; grounding and centering; regulating and harnessing big energies moving through the nervous system; self-regulation. Taking responsibility for the gifts of high perception and openness
  • Cultivating intuition and discernment
  • Responding to burnout and exhaustion
  • Reclaiming lost parts of ourselves: connecting to shadowed and exiled parts and unwinding adaptive survival strategies that can obscure our authenticity
  • Leadership and facilitation mentorship
  • Connecting with natural intelligences: communion practices,  ritual work with plant teachers. I also offer bespoke herbal remedies and essences.

Session Practicalities: 

I offer sessions online and in person. In person sessions can be booked in Eberswalde, in Berlin or in Amsterdam and London when I travel there (join my mailing list to be updated about session days in these cities).

For more information about sessions please contact me directly.