Ease is a breadcrumb trail

Recently, I’ve been engaging in the experiment of listening very closely to my body and to deeper knowing that lives in my cells.

This includes particular care to listen to boundaries and whispers that in the past have been ignored.

This is a deeper surrender. A deeper release of control.

I’m very used to staying with intensity and discomfort as if this would purify me of the original sin of having a body in the first place.

No more of that.

Right now that means using the word No a lot and digesting the fears that come up with that letting go. (as well as exercising a lot of discernment and learning to listen to and differentiate signals)

As I do this I uncover the many ways I have subtly or not so subtly shamed my organism. It runs very deep.


What if limitation is not a flaw to be overcome but a design feature?

What if ease is a breadcrumb trail to alignment and magic?

What if the path of least resistance is a slow kiss on the lips with life itself?


*photo of the Parsteiner See a few yrs ago, a sunset gift me and a friend received by following our noses.