Welcome. I’m Marysia, a bodyworker, somatic coach and facilitator working with people to connect and anchor in their own body wisdom more deeply.

My work is inspired by deep trust in the body’s intelligence, reclamation of our wild nature and relationship with the earth, and the continued revelation and remembering of the web of connections that already exist within us, between us and all around us.

More/ personal bio

I come from a Polish family and grew up in London deeply connected to my roots and alongside many other cultures. Since a young age I have been  engaged with deeper questions around why people do what they do, who we are, what we are connected to. I have always experienced a high level of sensitivity and perception and the resulting gifts and challenges.

My professional life began working in a herbal apothecary for a couple of years and then transitioning to work in education in inner London. Initially, I was an assistant for teenagers with learning and behavioural difficulties, and then trained as an English teacher, spending several years in this role. These years were fulfilling, formative and challenging.

After several initiatory experiences,  I embarked upon a period of intensive exploration and study. I became fascinated by collective intelligence and what happens when we bring more presence and authenticity into connection with each other.

I trained in a presence-based group practice called Circling, creating a practice community in London which I led for several years. This time was centered around explorations of the depth and fulfilment we can find in every connection and every experience —no matter how ‘ordinary’ or mundane. I spent 4 years as a senior leader with Circling Europe, leading facilitation trainings, immersion weekends and mentoring facilitators in training.

My experiences in these group explorations led me to ask deeper questions about patterns of connection and disconnection, soul, purpose, truth and our place as humans on this earth.

I dove deeply into studies exploring the nervous system, developmental and shock trauma, hands-on bodywork of various kinds, body-based coaching, Animism, Hermeticism, Mystical Christianity, the body of earth, herbalism, energy work and ritual.

All of these weave together in my life and practice in my continued exploration of what it means to be human in this time and to live in alignment, recognising and honouring the many layers that make up our being. 

Professional training, experience and qualifications:

I’m trained in Holistic Bodywork (a trauma-informed  somatic approach), Somatic Coaching (Pantarei approach), with additional training in Craniosacral therapy, Core Energetics body psychotherapy (the Life transformation programme), energy healing and deep lymphatic work.

I am a certified Circling facilitator and spent several years as a Senior Leader with Circling Europe— training and mentoring facilitators as well as all levels of practitioners. I have been facilitating workshops and sessions in Europe for about 7 years.

I  have a BA in English and a post-graduate degree in education with 8 years of teaching experience in inner London high schools. My personal spiritual practice has included intensive explorations with contemplation practice (Satori technique) and Tandava. I’m an ongoing student of nature including herbalism, animism, wild foods, plant spirit medicine and ritual.