Pelvic Work

A holistic approach to pelvic health, awareness and connection. 

In these sessions we explore physical and structural elements as well as the emotional aspects and energetic realms of your pelvis.

This is an opportunity for you to be deeply supported in the exploration of your relationship to your body, to your sensuality, sexuality, creativity, cyclicality and to your root.

To explore all that is related to your pelvic health, your connection to your pelvis, your womb/ belly centre, your vagina and vulva and to all the themes that are connected to this part of our bodies as they express in our lives, in our embodiment and in our tissues.

Many participants describe this journey as a  deep experience of arriving in oneself.

What does this work involve?

There are many directions a session can take, depending on what you and your body are longing for. This could include: 

Physical & Structural explorations 

  • Relieving pain and tension in the pelvic floor or surrounding areas
  • Restoring sensation and awareness to areas of numbness
  • Balancing and releasing muscles of the pelvic diaphragm and related fascia
  • Realigning a uterus that is out of centre 
  • Releasing ligaments that may be contributing to imbalance or pelvic pain
  • Reconnecting to your body after pregnancy or an operation in the pelvic / abdominal area
  • Learning how to care for your female body through self care practices
  • Menstrual cycle challenges – pain, irregularity
  • Incontinence
  • Endometriosis
  • Working with lymph to move stagnation and retention

Emotional work & Embodiment 

  • Desire to develop intuition, self connection and feeling grounded in oneself 
  • Desire to feel more connected to your authentic pelvic energy 
  • Receiving nurturing touch that is non goal oriented 
  • Desire to know more and address what is held in your pelvic and abdominal space/ whole body 
  • Addressing shame or disconnection regarding sexuality & your body
  • Emotional healing from painful past experiences

Sexuality & Pleasure 

  • Exploring a variety of pleasure points and discovering new possibilities in terms of pleasure
  • Building a greater connection and an inner map of sensation of your pelvic anatomy 
  • Exploring possibilities to address painful or uncomfortable sex
  • Opening to different ways to explore pleasure 
  • Body acceptance and confidence, self love.

What happens in sessions?

Each session or series begins with a conversation to uncover a potential intention, desire or wish and some explorations of some of your history, physical conditions and other relevant information to support us in finding a direction for the session together. 

This is also a time where you will have space to express any concerns,  boundaries and wishes that are relevant for you. 

We will begin bodywork and this can look many different ways – we will agree on this together.

The session may include: 

  • Abdominal work, womb work (energetic and hands on) belly and organ massage
  • Work with pelvic diaphragm – releasing and rebalancing – internally and externally
  • Work to align and recenter the womb 
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Myofascial work to address underlying imbalances and emotional charge stored in the body 
  • Breast massage 
  • Bladder work
  • Craniosacral and hands on energy work for specific areas and the overall health and balance of your system

Session Practicalities: 

In person sessions can be booked in Eberswalde or in Berlin, Kreuzberg. 

Sessions in Eberswalde are available on flexible days and in Berlin usually on Thursday afternoons and occasionally on other days of the week. Please get in touch for more info and to book. 

Session Prices: 

Initial appointments for Pelvic Work last a minimum of 2 hrs (180 euros) with each additional hour charged at 70 euros. 

 Follow up appointments last between 60 mins (90 euros) and 3 hrs (240 euros)

As this work can be very intimate, if you have any questions about sessions or to book a free check in call to see if pelvic work is a fit for you, please contact me