this is no ordinary love

Plants can help us drop our worm’s eye view, see things from a different plane.

They do this in many ways, can take us to many layers of ourselves, of this planet, of this life and beyond.

Egyptian Blue Lotus transmits this continued expansion of perspective, an opening to beingness.

A resting in the inky cosmic blackness of what is.

The eyes of a bigger love that is not personal.

Where we realise things are not as linear as they can sometimes look.


This ancient flower performs a daily descent into mud and ascent into light and has been a divine bridge to ecstasy and communion for humanity thousands of years at least.

I made this blend in honour of this great plant deity and the goddess Nuith, Egyptian goddess of the skies & mother of the stars and planets.

I’m slowly realising that this process of creating remedies is my art and my devotion. And medicine for my own heart.

I added synergistic heart and sensuality awakening herbs for harmonious effect, along with a triple extraction of Blue Lotus flowers.


This blend was created to assist trance & dream work, magic, meditation, communion practices, and erotic exploration.


Image of the goddess Nuith, Nut